Hazards are created when cords, cord connectors, receptacles, and cord- and plug connected equipment are improperly used and maintained. The victim collapsed into the lake and sank 4-1/2 feet to the bottom. 0000000816 00000 n 0000028595 00000 n and more. OSHA 10-Hour Safety Course - Electrical Safety Page 5 of 5 Use the three-stage safety model to stay safe: recognize, evaluate, and control hazards. One worker, holding the deadman's switch, received a shock from a ground fault in the auger and was knocked back from the machine. 2.The person's physical condition 3. D. Communicate the hazard to the crew and subs, use signs and bar E. Both C and D Q22. Remove from service any equipment with frayed cords, missing ground prongs, cracked tool casings, etc. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Bob is asked to repair some overhead wiring, requiring the use a ladder. D. Have an ANSI sticker and an expiration date. If the electrical conductors become exposed, there is a danger of shocks, burns, or fire. % OSHA 29 CFR 1910, Subpart P . a.Two-prong plug OSHA will keep all identities confidential. A co-worker disconnected the power cord to the saw, too late to save the victim. Use only equipment that is approved to meet OSHA standards. Question 3: If following lock out/tag out procedures, what step should be taken BEFORE you shut down the equipment? b.Yes, because Bob was on . Work performed on an electrical system within reaching distance of energized components is_____work. The ground wire was not attached on the male end of the cord's plug. Quiz Question 2: Which is acceptable when using powdered tools? What was Latoya's first mistake? 1. Electrical safety quiz answers are given below. Both could have prevented the accident from occuring. De-energize and ground lines when working near them. Is the west coast of Africa a plate boundary? 0000010603 00000 n Using modified cords or tools, e.g., removing ground prongs, face plates, insulation, etc. Dust a.Standing in water Fire Is split 0000004793 00000 n a.Electricity Find the energy required to raise an electron from the n=4n=4n=4 state to the n=5n=5n=5 state in Li2+\mathrm{Li}^{2+}Li2+ and in hydrogen atom. gYpV:+ b.10 feet Flexible Cord Not 3-Wire, Hard Service Variety: A worker received a fatal shock when he was cutting drywall with a metal casing router. In 2017, there were over ______________ electrical related violations cited by OSHA in the workplace. d. heart attacks. Fatal electrocution is the main risk, but burns and falls from elevations are also hazards. According to NFPA 70E, job briefings must be held for those employees that will be working on or near live parts operating at ______ or more. When it completes a circuit through the body. 0000006152 00000 n Only after a rescue squad arrived about 4 minutes later did anyone realize that the crane was in contact with a power line -- all those present had assumed that the victim had suffered a heart attack. a.related to muscle damage. endobj c.A measurement of electricity 1. Exercise their rights under the law without retaliation, including reporting an injury or raising health and safety concerns with their employer or OSHA. Extension cords had poor splices, no grounds, and reversed polarity. 4.Running through doorways. The pole had not been inspected by the city and was not in compliance with code requirements (it was not grounded). Underground electrical hazards are: A. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147 . Noise, : ________ or heavy perspiration can cause electricity to take an unintended path. The \rule{1cm}{1pt} artery carries deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs. When inspecting extension cords, look for: The modification of the plug was not an intended use or prescribed by the manufacturer. c. No, because the electricity is needed on a long-term basis. [, Use all equipment according to the manufacturer's instructions. Using multi-receptacle boxes designed to be. Select the correct answer and then click DONE. As a result, the ground prong of the welder plug did not insert into the ground terminal of the cord, so that as soon as a connection was made, the outside metal case of the welder became energized, electrocuting the victim. Question 2: Which of the following is NOT a category of electrical burns? 0000004921 00000 n BE SAFE! A worker was removing a metal antenna when it made electrical contact with a 7200-volt power transmission line. 0000006866 00000 n 0000005050 00000 n H\n@0vj@/R#tnvihavopnS1>v8Z6zLpOCRU.O^6pImjgk{xv6%zp\,{|7_WqNfhu09$U?kW}: }y}]OIL5~W*8D~%W-yww;sORYbfspA.%YJV L%=Kx&0W+ 5 feet 1 0 obj Select the correct answer and then click DONE. Using tools and equipment that can contact power lines increases the risk. 4.Flex Whether the hazard is posed by worn or damaged power tools or cords, improperly grounded tools or equipment, or the presence of standing water, it is the responsibility of the contractor to make sure the tools and equipment 0000018681 00000 n 2. d.Constructive objects, Select all answers that apply to the following statement and then click DONE. Additionally, the ground prongs were missing from the two cords. An examination revealed that the spring, cover plate, and part of the melamine casing were missing from the face of the female connector (the spring and some melamine fragments were found at the accident site). Before using the equipment, be sure that the ground wire: List the four main types of electrical injuries, Using the illustration, select the answer that matches the picture, Identify the illustration by selecting the appropriate answer. trailer Question 2: Which of the following are ways employers must protect their employees on the workplace? Metal partitions, grill work, and similar metal enclosures around equipment of over 1kV between conductors. Quiz Question 9: Conductor insulation must be approved for the ___________ of use? Ground metal parts of the following non-electrical equipment, as specified by the OSHA standard [, Frames and tracks of electrically operated. After the wall was poured, one driver cleaned the loading chute of his cement truck with a water hose mounted on the truck. The insulation on the extension cord was cut through and exposed bare, energized conductors which made contact with the ladder. Extension cords are used to: s\A0W+ c.Guaranteed Fault Circuit Interrupter Lockout/tagout procedures. Provides information about the hazards that electrical workers may experience as a part of their jobs. Electrocution was the second leading cause of worker deaths on construction sites in the United States in 2011. @*@;z}IAH@3MsgU1Dnf@agLahpCn@&b|-^;b0k*!3VYy,jy%( Z%|\Jg"dRp-Wbz3QJS%k9p_WtZ V1?`T`P``ya W3 |"H36K1A@, rO(V[|NAT30 qI? endstream endobj 221 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[30 152]/Length 27/Size 182/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream uVNSF!UTRQ91uR,6@hCH}]GAlaPh)NeT$iQ89S9|?4wahU ltz9 PH[$I&VX9WG%K~1{u8M:D"+HLEy 3@NR^z!rB^?RyOj;'Lof. It's okay to use extension cords with worn insulation, as . 0000420564 00000 n c.40,000 volts Suppose a volcano threw so much ash into the air that it blocked much of the sunlight. OSHA CONSTRUCTION FINAL EXAM Question and Answer Part 10. ly/homeo3b700 Which of the following is a resource within the. 0000015549 00000 n b. 0000001604 00000 n c) Age 4.Dirt build-up, Use only approved and authorized power tools in areas where the following hazards may be present: When an electric shock occurs, your muscles may: Get resources on specific hazards and their control, including identification, risk assessment and inspections, to keep your workplace healthy and safe. Carly needs to use an extension cord with her corded nail gun. As he is working on the wiring, he receives an electrical shock that knocks him backward and causes him to fall off the ladder. The length of time the body is in the circuit, in contact with electricity - Factor determining the severity of an electrical . 0000005716 00000 n Question 4: Which of the following is a type of burn caused by electrical hazards? Draw a line from the item on the left that corresponds to the match on the right. OSHA requires the testing of a volt meter after a voltage test on voltage above_____. 1.Damaged cover or insulation 3.Clear A Safety Electrical One Line Diagram should be used to _____ all sources of electrical energy. Select the correct answer and then click DONE. In addition to contact with power lines, the top electrical hazards include: Frequently inspect electrical systems to insure that the path to ground is continuous. Yes, because he will be using electricity near water. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Among all of the safety measures that can and should be used to prevent electrical shock, which one is the most essential?, According to NFPA 70E, job briefings must be held for those employees that will be working on or near live parts operating at ______ or more., When does electricity become hazardous to humans? Equipment used in manner prescribed. 4,600. D. near other electrical equipment. 2.Using an aluminum ladder when the possibility exists for contact with electricity. Even when the power system is properly grounded, electrical equipment can instantly change from safe to hazardous because of extreme conditions and rough treatment. 1. Of the following choices, which are frequent electrical hazards The normal wear and tear on extension and flexible cords at your site can loosen or expose wires, creating hazardous conditions. 3.Loose nuts Safe operation of hand and portable powered tools and other hand-held equipment. 0000004884 00000 n Should he use an extension cord to power it? 0000001908 00000 n The scaffold had been constructed only 21 horizontal inches across from a 7,620-volt power line. 4 0 obj Select the correct answer and then click DONE. 0000004946 00000 n 2. c. Extend the reach of the power tool. 0000005042 00000 n Potential hazards of electricity are preventable if you do which of the following listed below? 0000108920 00000 n RZyd Select the correct answer and then click DONE. Overhead and buried power lines at your site are especially hazardous because they carry extremely high voltage. Use tools and equipment according to the instructions included in their listing, labeling or certification. Some of the causes of these are live wire s that may be lying around, overloaded circuits, explosions that are caused by flammable objects, etc. 0000012360 00000 n c.15 feet As he began to pull away, the crew supervisor yelled to him, asking if the crew could use his water hose to wash out their cement bucket suspended from the crane. b.A fast-acting switch monitoring current flow 0000024814 00000 n 0000001672 00000 n Post warning signs. a.20,000 volts Gloves used for electrical work must be inspected and tested prior to use, and be certified every: A. Which of the following are insulators of electricity? 3. Select the correct answer and then click DONE. As he removed the forms, he wrapped them with a length of cable called a choker, which was to be attached to a crane. 4.Combustible dust, Fundamentals of Engineering Economic Analysis, David Besanko, Mark Shanley, Scott Schaefer. d) All of the above. Any cords found not to be marked for hard or extra-hard use, or which have been modified, must be taken out of service immediately. A) 120v . Examples Of Electrical Hazards. Does the fall qualify as an electrical accident? Supply power for tools or equipment on a long-term basis. A) Identify; Castigate; C) Evaluate; D) Modify; 3. OSHA: Air Monitoring & Medical Surveillance, 5 ANO - RETOMANDO ARTIGO, SUBSTANTIVO E ADJE. 128 0 obj <> endobj xref 128 26 0000000016 00000 n A fault occurred, and with no grounding and no GFCI protection, the worker was electrocuted. a.311 1.Extension cords -Voltage= a measure of electrical force. Wearing a baseball cap She has an older drill with a steel housing and a 3-prong plug. Protection is lost because it will not trip when the system's load has been exceeded. View Answer Answer: 600v 4 . Improper Use of Extension and Flexible Cords. 3 OSHA requires the testing of a volt meter after a voltage test on voltage above_____. 0000420277 00000 n Which of the following factors determine how severe an electrical injury might be? A. wrap tape around the damaged spot to prevent electrical shocks. 4.No, because he does not need to use an extension cord. 4.Damaged cover or insulation, When using electric-powered hand tools, do not overload: Select the correct answer and then click DONE. d/E \VZvl$Y#nH,EIm /\"BQ>Rkl6xZWtAgfs 3. 0000003715 00000 n As he is working on the wiring, he receives an electrical shock that knocks him backward and causes him to fall off the ladder. a.Your thumb. Out of several possible scenarios, the most likely was contact between the exposed wires of an extension cord and a screw that protruded from the receptacle, which had its face plate removed. b.burns. What do tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses indicate? 4. Ajay needs to use a dewatering pump to drain standing water on a construction site. g]+fn_m{mja_0Y w endstream endobj 189 0 obj <> endobj 190 0 obj <>stream Match the length from job to outlet. x_HSqnwmky54YLzeStJi# TZObFT*.#BQF/Q Question 2: Which of the following are ways . Explosion. If you are touching any grounded material while using a power tool Ground all power supply systems, electrical circuits, and electrical equipment. !DP#vr-\DM<6V-2'I5l6)Z@^m=}c3-aUOo6rr V-Y3d6HABmjD $TQCvK*eg&|Y596#H\ Question 1: Which of these is a type of Ground Fault Circuit Adapter? Additionally, the ground prong was missing and there was no GFCI protection. 0000056642 00000 n The victim used two extension cords to supply power: a home-made cord plugged into an ungrounded receptacle on the pole, and a UL-approved cord extending from the homemade cord to the saw. 1,[-c|"&u[Fu>wjte8j:xRk )"m_!6awT J,byp?fRBf?p|b3/Um\7"|+@5vvWAa5J^y*q,l b)Ftt4 :4,-J`! 2.Placed along a wall. d.Alert workers of any water in the area, GFCI is an acronym for: 1.Fingernails I;C`_;LV'd,|#H--e`( ')'RpAgA7O`?%68SB 0000002385 00000 n Handling Damaged Extension Cord When Energized: A 19-year-old construction laborer was working with his foreman and another laborer to construct a waterfront bulkhead for a lakeside residence. A fan connected to a 120-volt electrical system via an extension cord provided ventilation for a worker performing a chipping operation from an aluminum stepladder. The victim was part of a crew that was constructing a concrete wall. 2.Is working properly 0000011060 00000 n Quiz Question 3: Power cords can be damaged by which of the following? 0000007464 00000 n Then answer the questions below. stream 0000089142 00000 n Electrical current travels through insulated ________. 4. 0000002557 00000 n 0000427811 00000 n Electrical hazards expose workers to the following: Burns: Three types; electrical, arc flash, or thermal contact. The victim was totally deaf in one ear and suffered diminished hearing in the other. To avoid injury or death, you must understand and recognize hazards. Water 2. Suppose you could convert the 525525525 Calories in the cheeseburger you ate for lunch into mechanical energy with 100%100 \%100% efficiency and you throw a 0.145kg0.145~\mathrm{kg}0.145kg baseball with the energy contained in the cheeseburger. Others, such as office workers and sales people, work with electricity indirectly and may also be exposed to electrical hazards. -Current= the movement of electrical charge. 3.Maintaining a safe distance of at least 10 feet from all overhead power lines. SECTION #4 | Participant Guide 2 Electrical Safety mELECTRICAL SAFETYm mACTIVITY 1 - GROUNDINGm In your small group, read fact sheets A and B, and the following scenario. An employee was texturing a wall using an air compressor. A worker was operating a " electric chisel when an electrical fault occurred in the casing of the tool, causing him to be fatally electrocuted. 3. 3.Loss of eyesight Does the fall qualify as an electrical accident? specifically addresses electrical protective devices. Explosion Freeze d.50,000 volts. d) All of the above. What is the most common, non-fatal, electrical shock-related injury? |tYny@YE>LkNj4-czZf"Usw>j\sv3fn},>},KeA s Working with electricity can be dangerous. 1.Clench You should? 0000014257 00000 n 4.Broken. 2. De-energizing Death. b.Metal Question 4: When a worker receives an electric shock, first aid must start within ___________ minutes. -If current passes through the body near the heart or brain. 0000110659 00000 n d.Adapter, What is a GFCI? Which of these can be used as insulating live-line tools for electrical protection. 0000001731 00000 n 2.Skin Many workers are unaware of the potential electrical hazards present in their work environment, which makes them more vulnerable to the danger of electrocution.